On the second floor of the Castell de Villavecchia you will find the Attic, a diaphanous room of 102,9 m2 with panoramic view and lots of natural light, ideal for meetings. The Attic consists of two different areas, the meeting room that has a table with capacity up to 16 pax, and the living room that has several comfortable sofas.  and a living room with several sofas.

Both areas, although they are part of the same diaphanous room, are separated by the staircase that comes from the lower floor.

Format m2 pax obs
Ceremony 102,9m2 60pax plan b*
Appetizer 102,9m2 90pax plan b*
Banquet - - no*
Dance - no*

*This space is intended for meetings, we only recommend it as a plan b for a ceremony or aperitif if the capacity is appropriate. Banquets and dance are not possible in this space.


Download the plans of The Attic in pdf here.