If there is a place in the Castell de Villavecchia where you would not even think of looking, this is the Way to the Woods. As its name suggests, it is a very long way, but only 3m wide, and it slopes downhill. The best enabled area makes approx. 130m long x approx. 3m wide, that is 389m2 in total.

But the giant trees are so majestic when they rise on your right side that it is worth it if you are a transgressing couple posing a more informal civil ceremony chill out in this hidden place ... Or even make the aperitif here!

Format m2 pax obs
Ceremony 389m2 300pax no tent*
Appetizer 389m2 275pax not recommended**
Banquet - - no**
Dance - - no***

*It is not possible to put a tent in the path of the forest due to the small width (3m).
**It is not a flat space, so an appetizer is only recommended if served by waiters.
***Dancing outside is subject to permission. Stoves are mandatory.


Download the plans of The Way to the Woods in pdf here.