The Castell de Villavecchia has 9 suites, all between 22m2 and 40m2, recently refurbished and with full-equipped bathrooms. Inside the castle a maximum of 16 guests can be accommodated in total, two of which are the bride and groom in the Grand Suite. A maximum of 14 people can sleep in the castle.

In addition, in the same estate as Castell de Villavecchia, you will find the old Guard’s House, renovated in 2017 and converted into comfortable apartments (simpler than the castle suites) that allow a maximum of 14 people to sleep.

Podréis ver las características de dichas habitaciones, tanto del castillo como de la antigua masovería, en el apartado “Las Suites”, pero en definitiva, sin contar a los novios en la Gran Suite, se pueden alojar a a maximum of 28 guests in the suites of the Castle and the apartments of the Guard’s House.

Apart from the accommodation within the Castell de Villavecchia, if your other guests wish to stay in the area, we recommend you, in order from closest to farther.